Frequently Asked Questions

The Jury Office address is:

Bucks County Justice Center
Jury Assembly Room, Level B1
100 N Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
Morgan Grove, Jury Manager
Phone: 215-348-6711
Fax: 215-918-3000

Many answers to your questions can be answered by watching the Jury Information and Overview video (1 min, 35 sec) or the Juror Orientation video (15 min, 54 sec)

Annually a master juror list is created.  Your name can come from various approved public lists such as licensed drivers lists, voter rolls, tax records and/or other public records that are inclusive of all citizens, old and young, rich and poor.

An orientation will be provided advising you of the jury selection procedure. You may also view the orientation video by clicking on the link above.  If you go into a courtroom for jury selection you will be told about the length of the trial.  Any conflicts that you may have will be addressed during the jury selection.

If you are selected to sit on a jury, the average trial length is two to three days, although trials may be longer or shorter depending upon the facts of the case.  If you are not chosen to serve on a trial your jury service is complete for three years.

The United States Constitution and the Pennsylvania State Constitution guarantee the right to a trial by jury.  Failure to attend as directed may subject you to penalties provided by law.  All Bucks County residents are obligated by state law to serve as a juror unless they:
  • Are NOT a United States citizen
  • Are NOT a resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania
  • Are Under 18  years of age
  • Have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime

Due to limited seating capacity the arrival times can be staggered, beginning at 8:30 a.m. Dismissal time is typically 5:00 p.m. or earlier. If you are in a courtroom you will be under the direction of the Judge regarding dismissal time.

Jurors should dress comfortably, but properly for a courthouse.  Business casual attire is appropriate.   NO SHORTS OR T-SHIRTS PERMITTED.  Those who arrive inappropriately dressed will be required to return on a later occasion.

The jury process can require a juror to wait a considerable amount of time.  For this reason, jurors are encouraged to bring a book or other form of reading material.  Laptop computers may also be used (wireless internet is available).  Cell phones must be turned off in the courtroom.  Please note all visitors to the courthouse are screened for security purposes.  Any articles which are deemed to be capable of being used as weapons will be confiscated, as will any other illegal items. This includes all e-cigarettes and vape pens.

No. Only those summoned for jury service are allowed in the jury assembly room. You may have someone escort you to and from jury service, but that person is not allowed to enter the jury assembly room. The jury assembly room is for prospective jurors ONLY

A jury summons is a court order.  Any juror who fails to appear when summoned may be fined and/or imprisoned for contempt of court.  It is in your best interest to appear if you are summoned to avoid any future action.

Pennsylvania law does not exclude persons due to their age.  However, if you are 70 years of age or older you may be excused without a doctor’s note. Additionally, any person under the age of 18 is not permitted to serve.

The Jury Office realizes prospective jurors may have been summoned at an inconvenient time and is willing to defer service to a more convenient time in most instances. Jurors may request a first-time postponement in writing via email. Jurors may select a new date of their choice, with some limitations as long as the new date is within 90 days of the date on which they were scheduled to appear. Subsequent postponements are not allowed unless it is an extreme emergency that was not anticipated when the first postponement was granted.

If you wish to be excused for the calendar year a note from your physician is required.  A doctor’s note may be mailed or faxed (215) 918-3000.  A note from the doctor’s office must include your name and juror number. If you have a mental or physical infirmity in which you will be able to serve at a later date in the year verification from your doctor is not required. If you require a permanent exemption your medical provider must indicate that a permanent exemption is necessary.

If you are a person with a disability and require reasonable accommodations please contact the ADA Coordinator at (215)-348-6775 no later than 7 days prior to your report date. 

A service animal (dog) may accompany you to jury duty if that service animal is trained for a specific task due to your disability. Emotional support animals are not permitted. 

You can always log in using your juror number to the phoneline (215)340-8022 to see if your account was updated. If you put the request through the iJuror website and provide your email address, you will receive an email response stating whether or not your exemption is granted. Please allow 3 business days for processing any request.

Pennsylvania law does not require an employer to compensate an employee for jury service.  Check with your company’s human resources department for their policy.

When you appear for jury service you will be paid $ 9.00 per day for the first three days, $ 25.00 per day for everyday thereafter. You will also be compensated .17 cents per mile roundtrip each day you appear. You will not be compensated for tolls or additional travel expenses.

No. Pennsylvania law prohibits an employer from terminating or otherwise penalizing an employee because the employee serves as a juror.

Pennsylvania law does not provide an exemption from jury service for moral or religious beliefs. You are still required to appear for jury duty. If you are considered for a jury panel, a judge will decide if your beliefs will impair your ability to make an impartial decision.

Parking is available in the Bucks County Parking Garage located between Doyle and Union Streets. The parking garage is 4 tiers with entrances on Doyle, Broad, and Union Streets. The county runs a shuttle bus from the entrance on Union Street to the front of the Justice Center from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and in the afternoon it runs from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The shuttle bus stop is on Union Street the top level of the parking garage. During snow and icy conditions, the top level of the parking garage may be closed; you will need to enter off of Broad or Doyle Streets. ALL JURORS MUST RETRIEVE A TICKET WHEN ENTERING THE GARAGE AND BRING THE TICKET WITH THEM SO THE PARKING CAN BE VALIDATED. DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE GETTING IN OR OUT OF THE PARKING GARAGE PUSH THE HELP BUTTON AND SECURITY WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU. If you require handicap parking, there are spots available in the parking garage on every level near the elevators. If you need further information regarding parking please call (215)-348-6711. Parking at a meter or other lot is not advised it may result in a parking ticket or your vehicle may be towed. Information regarding the parking garage may also be found in the link at the top of this page. The short video will answer many of your questions regarding parking.

Call the Jury office at (215) 348-6711 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. We are often checking in jurors or away from our desks, if we do not answer please leave a message we will return your call at our earliest convenience.

If there is inclement weather you may call the weather hotline at (215) 340-8208 after 6:30 a.m.  If the court cancels or delays the reporting time for that day, the recorded message will indicate the updated status.  You may also check weather updates at or on or on Twitter @BucksCountygovt.

Jury Office (215) 348-6711
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

If you have appeared for jury service within the last 3 years and you wish to be excused; proof of service is required from the court that you appeared for jury service. If you appeared in Bucks County, The Office of Jury Selection can obtain your date of service. For your convenience, below are phone numbers to local Pennsylvania Courts you can call to request proof of service.
Philadelphia (Federal)
Philadelphia (County)
Montgomery County
Delaware County
Chester County               
Lancaster County
Lehigh County
Dauphin County
York County      

Bucks County Justice Center
Jury Assembly Room
100 N Main Street
Level B1
Doylestown, PA 18901
Morgan Grove, Jury Manager
Phone: 215-348-6711
Fax: 215-918-3000